[Dshield] New Virus?

Lee, Alex Alex.Lee at Nextel.com
Wed Jun 8 12:49:43 GMT 2005

Submit it to viruslist.com.  Their system will scan with a dozen or so
av engines.  Might identify it, or hint at what it is.

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Hi -

Has anyone seen this message yet with an attachment of screen.zip?  It
got through Trend, Symantec, and Kaspersky to land in my inbox.  Of
course I do not have an e-gold account.  I'm not even that much of a
Peter Gabriel fan.


I have transferred $1070 to your e-gold account through the First USA
Bank. The scanned check is attached to the letter. Please, confirm
reception of my payment by mail or fax which I have specified in the
previous letter.

Peter Gabriel.

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