[Dshield] dnsrbl.net DNS trouble

Dave Ockwell-Jenner doj at solar-nexus.com
Wed Jun 8 13:11:59 GMT 2005

I use a couple of RBLs at dnsrbl.net in my sendmail configuration. I 
noticed recently that my sendmail setup has been slower than usual.

After some poking around today, I notice that I can't resolve 
spam.dnsrbl.net or dun.dnsrbl.net. In fact, I can't resolve anything in 
the dnsrbl.net domain. Looking at whois, something was updated last on 
June 6th, so hopefully this is a transient problem and will be sorted 
out soon.

Thought I'd share the information!

Dave Ockwell-Jenner
Solar Nexus Solutions

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