[Dshield] Missing submission confirmations / unreliable data presented by DShield?

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Wed Jun 8 16:55:30 GMT 2005

I have actually had very regular Daily Reports. I get them quite
consistently. Most of the times that they have stopped is because of
something on my side.

For instance, I stopped sending reports 06/04 for some yet unknown
reason. I think my combination of an old Linksys router and Kiwi may be
problematic. It's currently not logging at all. I will have to try
rebooting everything and see if that fixes it.

Just my $0.02.


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It's been that way. Always. Sometimes it gets better, sometimes worse. 
If anyone at dshield really cares about it I haven't found them. I got a

daily report on May 28, 2005 next one I got was June 6, 2005.

Good Luck,


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