[Dshield] data storage encryption

Isaac suscripcions at tsolucio.com
Wed Jun 8 17:53:59 GMT 2005

I have to create a system to encrypt data contained in a storage server, 
the procedure will be:
-extract the data from source server in a HD
-insert the HD in the storage server
-power on the server
-copy the data
-shut down the server

This process should be as automatic as possible, only requiring the 
insertion of the HD in the system.
The data should be encrypted once in the server.
My suggestion is to install linux with dm-crypt, and make a script that 
mount the encrypted volum at the startup, copy the data and shutdown the 
The problem I see in my way it's the automatism of it, because I should 
retain key/password to encrypt in any part of the script, so if anyone 
has the server only should turn on.....
I thought a solution, make a Livecd with the linux and the key inside, 
and never has the server and the cd together without supervision.
Of course maybe this method is a great stupid way of do it.
I appreciate any suggestion to solve the problem or modify that I thought.
Suggestions on cipher algoritm will be welcome too.
Thanks a lot

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