[Dshield] data storage encryption

Josh Tolley josh at raintreeinc.com
Wed Jun 8 20:28:57 GMT 2005

Brenden Walker wrote:
>>I have to create a system to encrypt data contained in a 
>>storage server, the procedure will be:
>>-extract the data from source server in a HD -insert the HD 
>>in the storage server -power on the server -copy the data 
>>-shut down the server
> What's the purpose? 
> Is this just for long-term storage?  
> Does the data have to be on-line and available?  
> What physical security is present?
> System networked in any way?
> Those are just the first questions that pop into my mind, I'm sure the
> others here will have more ;-)

- Does the operating system or software involved matter?
- What sort of data is this (that is, what level of risk are you willing 
to accept)?
- What budget/time constraints are there involved?

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