[Dshield] data storage encryption

Isaac suscripcions at tsolucio.com
Wed Jun 8 21:10:49 GMT 2005

Thanks for the response, I try to answer all your questions:
The purpose is to storage the data for rally long term, all the company 
data will go there after work with it, at least the results of the work.
I'm not sure about the availity of the data after encryption I'm still 
working with that client, it's a important point, sure, but now I only 
thinking how substitute the actual sistem (really bad win98 with a bat 
coping the files, ejem, ejem)
The system isn't networked in any way, no cable, no wifi.
There is no practical physical security, but the environment isn't 
"agressive", really dificult that someone steal that data physicalli.
The operating system/software doesn't matter, if  the cost  isn't really 
big, I  started with linux because my company uses it in our servers, 
and i think it's a good choice.
The acceptable level of risk, it's dificult to say in this moment, one 
thing it's that I think, other that the client says and other really 
different it's what the actual mesures demonstrate.
I think the time constraints are 2 or 3 weeks, enough for implement a 
solution with that caracteristics, at least I wish....
The budgets...... i'm a techic, so no, idea of how will my boss charge 
about my work, but I think spend a lot money more than 10h or 15h of my 
time configuring a open source based software for that will be too much, 
thinking in what only installing xp pro and using efs will improve a lot 
the actual solution.
The problem I see it's the availability of the data after the 
encription, but seeing how works now, i think they don't use the data 
after storing it.
I know the explanation isn't as good as you need to make a good answer, 
but not always we have all the information we need and in this case 
anything will improve the situation.
Thanks a lot for your help and time

En/na Josh Tolley ha escrit:

>Brenden Walker wrote:
>>>I have to create a system to encrypt data contained in a 
>>>storage server, the procedure will be:
>>>-extract the data from source server in a HD -insert the HD 
>>>in the storage server -power on the server -copy the data 
>>>-shut down the server
>>What's the purpose? 
>>Is this just for long-term storage?  
>>Does the data have to be on-line and available?  
>>What physical security is present?
>>System networked in any way?
>>Those are just the first questions that pop into my mind, I'm sure the
>>others here will have more ;-)
>- Does the operating system or software involved matter?
>- What sort of data is this (that is, what level of risk are you willing 
>to accept)?
>- What budget/time constraints are there involved?
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