[Dshield] W32/Kassbot-B worm combat

Glenn Jarvis gaj at uppergroove.ca
Fri Jun 10 05:12:52 GMT 2005

jmulkerin wrote:

> From what we've studied so far, its pretty hard to enforce any kind of 
> port checking on the customer's computer so instead we're educating.   
> I think the only way we can attempt to combat it is to aggressively 
> investigate each case and prosecute where we can if we can get law 
> enforcement assistance.
> I totally agree that ISPs need to stand up to this problem. They are 
> the the only ones that will be able to stop the problem.   In this 
> case, I can't even get the ISP to cooperate in researching it.   I 
> personally think ISPs could block port scans, known trojans, and even 
> a lot of the phishing. However, that would reduce their traffic load 
> and maybe income. 

No offense intended, but can we please not quote the whole digest when 
replying. Half of the digest that arrived here this evening contained 
the above response and an entire digest as a quotation. It's not the 
bandwidth that bothers me, it's the time to sift through it, only to 
find the above. I have limited time to review the wisdom on the list, so 
please be considerate when hitting the "reply" button ;-)

Have a great evening folks.  :-)


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