[Dshield] Trendmicro Venting

Matthias Jänichen mj2 at percomp.de
Fri Jun 10 09:23:42 GMT 2005

At 11:14 09.06.2005 -0400, Paul Marsh wrote:
>I normally don't complain about things but I've have
>Has anyone else noticed that Trendmicro is falling behind lately?  I
>know they are a little gun shy because of the pattern file problem last
>month but give me a break.  Fix the internal problem and lets move
>They have been sitting on MyTob.DD for 11 hrs now and have yet to
>release the pattern file.

If you are looking for uptodate independant analysis of reaction-times you 
should visit AV-TEST.ORG eg.

Outbreak Response Times: Putting AV To The Test (33 KB PDF)
Andreas Marx, Virus Bulletin 02/2004, page 4pp. (3 pages)

Antivirus outbreak response testing and impact (262 KB ZIP)
Andreas Marx, Virus Bulletin 2004 Conference - Chicago, 09/2004

Note: "The above papers and articles are copyrighted by Virus Bulletin. 
They are made available on this site for personal use free of charge by 
permission of Virus Bulletin."

Some English magazines listed there also refer selected tests.


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