[Dshield] OpenBSD and FreeBSD installation

David Vincent support at sleepdeprived.ca
Sat Jun 11 23:22:12 GMT 2005

Sam Pullan wrote:

>I have been having a problem with installation of the operating systems. 
>Unfortunately, the computer I am doing the install on does not have a 
>network or Internet connection, also the cd-rw drive is not currently 
>working (although the DVD-ROM/CD-ROM drive IS) because of a driver issue I 
>am trying to resolve. Any ideas as to a way to install would be greatly 

if you have another machine with a cd burner and a floppy drive 
(assuming this machine has a floppy drive) you should be able to create 
a boot floppy and a cdrom with the install sets.  then you can boot off 
the floppy and tell the installation the sets are on cdrom and install 
them from there.

you can also create a boot cdrom (the iso is in the openbsd download 
folder with the install sets and the boot floppy images) and use that if 
there is no floppy drive.  if that is the case you will need to 
configure this machine to boot from the cdrom (how old is it?  some 
older machines cannot do this).

hope this helps.


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