[Dshield] Dutch zombie attack ranslation

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Sun Jun 12 13:30:03 GMT 2005

On 06-06-2005 at 19:02 Tony Earnshaw wrote:

>Anything known about what follows?

yes, http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1823633,00.asp
not the greatest of sources but definitely about the same thing 

>Ok, I'm English (UK) but I speak and read Dutch fluently (lived here
>since '77). The following translation  from the otherwise, ugh,
>"CA warns of massive zombie networks."
>Computer Associates published a  warning last Friday about an impending
>massive attack of malicious software (malware) via large-scale networks
>from  zombie-pcs. Botnets such as these are already being used as
>relay-senders for spam bomb loads.
>CA warns of a co-ordinated attack based on the combination of 3 trojans:
>Glieder-AK, Fantibag and Mitglieder. The first of these, of which eight
>have already been signaled, penetrates pcs and opened up ports for the
>other two. After it gains access, Fantibag  eliminates the remainder of
>the victim-pc's security.  Subsequently,  Mitglieder opens a back door
>via which crackers can gain control over the machine. The trio are also
>known as variants of the Bagle-downloader.
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