[Dshield] ISP's That Ignore Abuse Reports

Clinton E. Troutman troutman at mesh.net
Mon Jun 13 04:57:07 GMT 2005

On Sunday 12 June 2005 11:16, David Cary Hart wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-06-12 at 00:07 -0400, jayjwa wrote:
> > http://www.acme.com/mail_filtering/shame.html#dnsrbls
> I don't want to start something that will cause Johannes to re-moderate
> this forum but the assertion in that link "do not use DNSBLs" is
> preposterous as is "If the lists you use have not yet descended into
> corruption and chaos, consider yourself temporarily lucky."
> Assuming that I am reading the headers correctly, you might want to fix
> your mail server:
>         "Received: from unknown (HELO atr2.ath.cx) ("
>         You helo is from ( atr2.ath.cx. The IPA does not
>         resolve. Your client - resolves to
>         host-64-179-14-27.syr.choiceone.net. Generic rDNS looks like
>         dynamic space. Your helo is Christmas Island while your client
>         says Syracuse, NY.

Surprising comment coming from you...

RBL's remind me of the phrase "shotgun to kill a mosquito" except you are not 
in control of the shotgun; you have handed the shotgun to someone else and 
told them to kill a mosquito for you.

Obviously, that approach is working great for some environments. In other 
environments, too many legitimate messages are blocked.

Obviously again, your particular feelings will be based on whether RBL's work 
for your environment or not. For me, they haven't and don't...

Clinton E. Troutman
Independent Computer Consultant for Home,
  Home Office, and Small Business in Fort Worth, Texas
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