[Dshield] Still No DShield Daily Reports

Deb Hale haled at pionet.net
Thu Jun 16 12:16:39 GMT 2005

Have you checked your profile to make sure that you have selected to receive
a report?  Is the email address to send to correct? I recently worked with
someone who was not getting the reports and it turns out that they had
changed email addy's and forgot to change it in the profile. The report was
being sent to their old address.  


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Kris Woods wrote:
> Hi List:
> I know this problem has been reported to the list many times 
> already...including by me...but I can't seem to get my daily reports 
> delivered at all anymore. I have checked, unchecked and rechecked the 
> daily reports radio box on my profile page at dshield .org a few 
> thousand times to no avail. Any suggestions as to how I can get them 
> restarted? Thanks for any assistance!

I haven't gotten reports from Dshield for a LONG time now. I know my
submissions are being received because I get a confirmation for each
submission. I can't remember the last time I received a daily report though.

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