[Dshield] Newbie submission questions

Keith Bergen dshield.org at keithbergen.com
Fri Jun 17 12:21:27 GMT 2005


I can only comment on your first observation. I use the DShield windows 
client, and it sends to "report at dshield.org". I've never tried "reports", but 
with "report" I get regular emails and confirmations. Were I you, I would 
use "report".


Allen Kistler <an037-0m26i at yahoo.com> said:

> Responding to the ISC rally a few days ago for high-speed home users to
> join, I have joined.  But I have some questions (and I haven't found a
> FAQ that addresses them).  I posed the first question below to
> info at dshield.org, but I haven't received a response.  (For some reason,
> it also took a few times trying to subscribe to this list before I got a
> mailman "confirm" number.  Hmm.)
> First:
> The Linux iptable script send log submissions to report at dshield.org.
> However, all the documentation indicates that submissions should go to
> reports at dshield.org (extra s).  report at dshield.org seems to work, but is
> all the documentation wrong or are the two addresses supposed to be
> equivalent?  I tried sending to "reports" once, but I didn't get an
> acknowledgment email.  Sending to "report" results in acknowledgment
> emails and increases in line counts on the reporting web page.

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