[Dshield] Newbie submission questions

Aaron Lewis aaron at adldatacomm.net
Fri Jun 17 11:17:01 GMT 2005

I can help with the first question. Both email address are valid and will
get your reports submitted. That was one of my questions as a newbie also.


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> Responding to the ISC rally a few days ago for high-speed
> home users to
> join, I have joined.  But I have some questions (and I haven't found a
> FAQ that addresses them).  I posed the first question below to
> info at dshield.org, but I haven't received a response.  (For
> some reason,
> it also took a few times trying to subscribe to this list
> before I got a
> mailman "confirm" number.  Hmm.)
> First:
> The Linux iptable script send log submissions to report at dshield.org.
> However, all the documentation indicates that submissions should go to
> reports at dshield.org (extra s).  report at dshield.org seems to
> work, but is
> all the documentation wrong or are the two addresses supposed to be
> equivalent?  I tried sending to "reports" once, but I didn't get an
> acknowledgment email.  Sending to "report" results in acknowledgment
> emails and increases in line counts on the reporting web page.
> Second:
> Acknowledgment emails say "PGP: No" at the bottom.  Taking a hint from
> http://www.dshield.org/pgp_doc.php, I hacked the .pl script
> to add a GPG
> signature, and I uploaded my public key to my DShield profile (days
> ago).  I have tested the resultant email.  Enigmail, the Mozilla Mail
> GPG plugin, verifies the signature, so I know my hack is
> good.  However,
> the acknowledgment emails say the GPG signature lines are
> rejected, and
> the bottom still says "PGP: No."  What's up?
> Third:
> The (expired January 2005) GPG key to encrypt submissions is for
> reports at dshield.org.  I did find an old key (expired 2001 sometime, I
> think) for report at dshield.org.  Does DShield support encryption
> currently (unrecognized correct signatures suggest not)?
> What should be
> the recipient address for encrypted mail: report, reports, or
> something
> else?
> Thanks for any wisdom you can provide.
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