[Dshield] Update: Security breach could affect 40 million credit card holders

Commerco WebMaster Webmaster at Commerco.Net
Fri Jun 17 23:27:15 GMT 2005

It is further reported that the VP of Marketing is quoted as saying, "But, 
really... that message came from somebody I know very well... and there is 
no way, just no way, he would have sent me an attachment with a virus... 
that and besides, given all the press about recent captures in Iraq, I 
really did think Osama had been caught..."

For the humor challenged, the above is an untrue stab at humor.  I realize 
this is a serious matter and do not intend to negate the seriousness of the 
matter, but after all... levity is good, it relieves tension and the fear 
of death.

Once the dust settles, I really do hope that their CSO and auditors will 
publish additional data about the event so that others can benefit from the 
information and learn how to avoid this kind of thing happening in their 
own environments.

As always, thanks for the find ferg.

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>They just keep on getting bigger....
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