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Robert Nelson nelsrob at mts.net
Sat Jun 18 13:29:10 GMT 2005

Hi Deb

Perhaps this info may help:

I had always received the Daily Report until the big server crash several
months ago. The sporadic receipt started after the new server was up and

Does this sound familiar to anyone else here?


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Mike, Aaron - all - I am going to try to work with Johannes to see if there
is anything I can do to help him.  Please don't give up on submitting the
data.  Let us see if we can work out whatever the problem is.  The data you
submit to us has been very valuable in the past in helping us foresee
problems and I for one don't want to lose your participation.  Johannes has
had a lot on his plate lately and I am sure is overwhelmed.  Let me see if I
can get a message to him and maybe there is something I can do to help.


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