[Dshield] Is DShield Dead?

Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Mon Jun 20 02:25:24 GMT 2005

Scrap as I drag out the Soap Box, as security no longer seems to be 
happening here.

My day consists of get up read what happened since I went to bed, forward 
items to work, with respect to what I need to expect. Go to work, deal with 
what is on my "todo" list; fit in emergent items, adjust my "todo" list. I 
review various machine and see what might be happening and then send mail 
to get this or that shut off. I review what is happening with the Email 
Gateway, and see what IP's need to get shut off.  I spend more time on the 
phone than I care to think about. I go to meetings and answers questions a 
propose course of action. produce documents about what they think they 
want, review what they do not understand and reformat in terms they can 
understand. I go home and read what has transpired since I left for work 
and forward what I need for tomorrow. Research projects that need more 
attention, And somehow spend "quality" time with my "Family/Friends" or 
what needs to happen around the house. So other than a recent vacation 
(first in three years), where I left the laptop at home! I had Two people 
ignored that I was on vacation and called my Cel anyway, their problems 
were solved. I live, breath and work what is "happening" and decide how I 
can best combat what is happening in the world. This list was once one of 
the "important" ones that helped to decide course of action.

As I sit here and look at what has transpired in the DShield list in the 
20/30 days I see very little. Ever since it was unofficially announced that 
DShield went "commercial." There has been very little other than complaints 
that logging which still does not work (over two months now). We have the 
Handlers Diary that provides more information about what is happening than 
what shows up in the list. "Names" I used to see talking here are now 
talking in other lists.

Why did DShield decide to not tell "us" that they went commercial, was this 
an oversight? At this point I feel that most felt that the efforts of many 
individuals (who helped them gain status) have been insulted.
Has the Community lost confidence in DShield?
Has going "commercial" caused to DShield to lose the trust of those that 
felt it was a very worthwhile area to converse?
Have the "new" duties of Johannes; caused things that used to happen, here 
not happen?
Does Dshield plan to correct all this and invite those professionals back?
Are the Handlers that once used to be "volunteers" being compensated for 
their efforts?
IF DShield receives monetary gain from information posted via the list of 
the log submissions, what plan for acknowledgement are in place or will be 

Please review what is happening in the world and look at which "alerts" 
have not been posted in this list.  Since 5/18/2005 there have been 5/7 
items posted that have any relevance... Most of the traffic is that DShield 
is not correctly processing information (logs) that helped them go commercial.

I fully expect Deb to answer as she seems to be Johannes voice over the 
last couple of months. Thank You Deb!

Thank You Kevin for the Base Update.

This has really been bothering me, what I thought once was very worthwhile 
(for a couple of years) is now becoming a waste of my bandwidth/drive space.

I welcome comments pro/con...This could be the most important discussion in 
months... Mostly I/We hope to hear from DShield!

Either we go back to posting what is Important and let DShield benefit and 
make it worthwhile again, or let it die. I guess that it is up to DShield 
what they feel is important.

Scrap and the soap box moves out of the way...



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