[Dshield] Is DShield Dead?

Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Mon Jun 20 04:19:10 GMT 2005


If we look at the current topics for discussion, that is an issue. It seems 
that the person that should resolve it is busy. Many Long ti9me supporters 
have ask the same question in not quite the same words you ask. So yes it 
does mean the Graphs are not quite representative of what is happening. It 
also means that DSheild has lost its "edge," and may no longer care.

So depending there are other services that can take firewall logs, or 
provide a client that will interpret the logs for their format.

That for each person to decide.

I see from some of the names that have stayed here, that they feel some 
"loyalty" for where they invested so many hours. With the submission 
issues, they feel somewhat neglected.

Just wait and see...



At 10:44 PM 6/19/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm not a professional user (just a home business) but I have seen over the
>last several weeks that it takes sometimes two or more days or never for
>logs I have sent to be processed. (Particularly on weekends. After two days
>have gone by of course they are essentially irrelevant since you can no
>longer act on even the serious looking "red dot" entries. Individual line
>item IP lookups take forever or hang. Some updates can't be processed. So I
>too was wondering if I should even continue sending firewall logs or is
>there another service like this that also takes logs?
>Doug Smith
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>As I sit here and look at what has transpired in the DShield list in the
>20/30 days I see very little. Ever since it was unofficially announced that
>DShield went "commercial." There has been very little other than complaints
>that logging which still does not work (over two months now).
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