[Dshield] Is DShield Dead?

Aaron Lewis aaron at adldatacomm.net
Mon Jun 20 13:45:55 GMT 2005

I agree. As of today I have stopped sending reports. They're not showing up
in the database anyway and as mentioned in other correspondence I have not
seen a confirmations since 4/3 and have not seen a daily report since 3/28.
I think it's a shame that DShield has turned out this way, as I viewed the
statistics as meaningful and useful information. Anytime you can gather that
much information form real logs and compile them into a single information
source, that to me is valuable.

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> I think the most important thing for DShield to recognize is that
> because of the longtime problems, their loyal userbase is declining.
> Sure, they may still see a slow ramping up in data being
> submitted. But
> those that could (and did) provide the most intelligent hardcore
> feedback realized that the dent in the wall and the never
> healing bruise
> on the forehead was for naught. I stopped submitting logs
> about threee
> months ago, since there was clearly nothing "in it" for me.
> It's a simple equation. If you would like your users to
> submit free data
> (using their expenses in both time and real money, i.e. bandwidth,
> electricty and cpu cycles) at least show them something in
> return. Not
> empty promises.
> I don't intend this as a "dig" at Johannes or Deb. I *do* intend to
> point out it's not working as user expectations probably are.
> To me, it
> seems far more in line of someones hobby, rather than a serious
> endevour. If it is now a business (as your email implied) it
> is a rather
> flawed one.
> But then again, so are most of the "Security" companies these days.
> -jim
> Al Reust wrote:
> > Scrap as I drag out the Soap Box, as security no longer seems to be
> > happening here.
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