[Dshield] Is DShield Dead?

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Mon Jun 20 16:42:32 GMT 2005

> Johannes: What ever you need, just let us know (knowing of course that
> some things are just easier to do yourself as they take longer to get
> someone up to speed). 

What we need:

- good contributions to this list ;-)
- more diverse submitters (we are ok on /16s and such, but can always 
use more cable/dsl users) Its odd that I ask for more submitters as we 
obviously get plenty of data. But its more about diversity of the 
submissions vs. volume.

Now what I would *realy* need is some coding help. But at this point, 
there is no good way to provide others access to the systems, plus, this 
would require some vetting procedure or a dedicated development system 
without personal data from submitters. Neither is easy to setup. But if 
someone has an idea about how to do this...

If someone has extra "coding cycles", you could look at improvements to 
our clients to make it easier to set them up. (e.g. an installer script 
for our linux client for various platforms).

Anyway... I made some changes to the daily reports today to alert users 
that fall in the 'too many reports' category.

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