[Dshield] Wireless MAC Authentication options.

Lepich, Jesse A Mr GLWACH Jesse.Austin.Lepich at us.army.mil
Mon Jun 20 15:17:32 GMT 2005

Pros: Does a decent job of keeping the average user off your net. 

Cons: MACs can easily be spoofed by a knowledgeable intruder and can be
a real bear to manage.

You might want to look at something like 802.1x
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/802.1x) or 802.11i


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I have recently been contracted by a client of mine to implement a
wireless network for a small school (500 students).  I would like
opinions on MAC Address Authentication methods.  This is a Windows based
network, and the solution should be fairly simple so that it is
manageable by the client.
Any input is greatly appreciated.


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