[Dshield] Is DShield Dead?

Robert Nelson nelsrob at mts.net
Mon Jun 20 18:45:42 GMT 2005

Problems? Yes. However...

Jim Race wrote:

>I think the most important thing for DShield to recognize is that
>because of the longtime problems, their loyal userbase is declining.
>Sure, they may still see a slow ramping up in data being submitted. But
>those that could (and did) provide the most intelligent hardcore
>feedback realized that the dent in the wall and the never healing bruise
>on the forehead was for naught. I stopped submitting logs about threee
>months ago, since there was clearly nothing "in it" for me.

What is in it for those who still submit, is knowing that our log
submissions, even if for a home network, may add a little extra info on what
is going on out there. Giving back a little for the useful information that
both DShield and ISC and SANS provides.

Apparently, though, not everyone thinks this way...

>It's a simple equation. If you would like your users to submit free data
>(using their expenses in both time and real money, i.e. bandwidth,
>electricty and cpu cycles) at least show them something in return. Not
>empty promises.

I for one will keep submitting. The one time I stopped submitting was when I
started using a router instead of a software firewall, and wasn't aware of
DShield's little program for such things. When I found out, I started
submitting again.

Let's give our hard-working volunteers a chance!

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