[Dshield] Is DShield Dead?

Alan Frayer afrayer at frayernet.com
Mon Jun 20 21:24:16 GMT 2005

Robert Nelson wrote:

>A Linksys BEFSR41 will work, Alan. Visit
>You will need to configure your router for logging. Log into your router,
>and go to the Administration section. Look for the "Log" link there, and
>tell the router to log. You will need to know the IP Address the router has
>assigned to the PC you wish to have the logs sent to.
I knew the router logged, but didn't realize it would send the log to a 
PC. This is good.

>You will need to install the logviewer program that should be on your
>Linksys installation CD.
I may have even installed it... but, it does require the PC to be 
running when the router sends the log (doesn't it??? Or does the logger 
pull the log?). This may be a problem for many households such as my 
own, where the PCs are powered down when they aren't being used. If the 
logger pulls the logs, and DShield doesn't mind intermittent reporting, 
then I'm happy to oblige!

>You can use the DShield client listed on the Dshield site (CVTWIN) or use
>something like WallWatcher, which is free. It is available at
>http://www.wallwatcher.com/ - you will also need to download the WW2DShield
>program from there as well..
I will look into this.

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