[Dshield] Is DShield Dead?

Chris Ramsden chris.ramsden at dsl.pipex.com
Mon Jun 20 21:17:34 GMT 2005

Alan Frayer wrote:
> As I see it, the problem is the cable/dsl users (such as my home 
> network) use 1) devices that do not produce usable logs, 2) devices that 
> don't send their logs to other devices (see #1), or 3) devices dependent 
> on other devices running full-time (such as a permanent PC to collect 
> the logs for mailing).
> My Linksys BEFSR41 doesn't fit the bill, right?
Accurate summary of my position too. I was able to write my own Windows 
app which implements an SMTP server that my Netgear router emails its 
logs to. It filters, parses, reformats and posts the logs on to DShield. 
Yes, the PC in question is on 24/7.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no common standard that these 
domestic appliances adhere to. If you're lucky (or careful in your 
choice of kit), you can get SNMP and can then use standard tools.

It'd be a tough job supporting all those disparate cable/dsl users out 
there. :(


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