[Dshield] Is DShield Dead?

Kevin Johnson kjohnson at secureideas.net
Tue Jun 21 01:01:44 GMT 2005


 I have tried to respond inline....

On Sun, 2005-06-19 at 22:25, Al Reust wrote:
> Scrap as I drag out the Soap Box, as security no longer seems to be 
> happening here.

I think it is up to all of us to "make security happen".  If we all
consider the list dead, it will be.  Luckily, I dont think we all
consider it so.

> My day consists of ....

As does all of ours I believe.<g>

> As I sit here and look at what has transpired in the DShield list in the 
> 20/30 days I see very little. Ever since it was unofficially announced that 
> DShield went "commercial."

Could you please explain where this was announced, as I was not on
vacation and have not seen or heard such a thing?

>  There has been very little other than complaints 
> that logging which still does not work (over two months now).

I would also like the complaints to end, but realize that no matter how
well a system might work, someone can always be counted on to complain.
(Even if it is a valid complaint<g>)

>  We have the 
> Handlers Diary that provides more information about what is happening than 
> what shows up in the list. 

I would expect the diary to have more information, as long as we don't
discuss it here... If you read something and want this list to liven up,
post it!

> "Names" I used to see talking here are now 
> talking in other lists.

I would hope that everyone posts to multiple lists.. I try too...

> Why did DShield decide to not tell "us" that they went commercial, was this 
> an oversight? At this point I feel that most felt that the efforts of many 
> individuals (who helped them gain status) have been insulted.

If DShield has gone commercial, and I wouldn't mind if it did, I can't
see that as an insult to people who have only submitted logs.

> Has the Community lost confidence in DShield? 

I haven't!  As a matter of fact, I am looking to add more DShield
support in the BASE project as we move towards a 2.x code release.

> Has going "commercial" caused to DShield to lose the trust of those that 
> felt it was a very worthwhile area to converse?
> Have the "new" duties of Johannes; caused things that used to happen, here 
> not happen?

This probably has happened.  I would like everyone to remember that, as
far as I know, Johannes has a day job. 

<rant mode>People seem to forget that projects are run by people who are
mostly unpaid volunteers!  And if someone is compensated by a company
like SANS, it is usually for other work that may include the
project!</rant mode>

> Does Dshield plan to correct all this and invite those professionals back?

I didn't realize that professionals had left.

> Are the Handlers that once used to be "volunteers" being compensated for 
> their efforts?

And if they are, so?  I don't understand your aversion to people making
a living?  I would understand it if you had coded most of DShield and
then been left out.  But even if you don't get a daily report, the
information I have been able to use in just presenting to my bosses have
made what little contribution I have done worthwhile.

> I fully expect Deb to answer as she seems to be Johannes voice over the 
> last couple of months. Thank You Deb!

I also would like to thank Deb for helping out and letting us know what
is happening.

> Thank You Kevin for the Base Update.


> This has really been bothering me, what I thought once was very worthwhile 
> (for a couple of years) is now becoming a waste of my bandwidth/drive space.

I don't agree, but it is up to you to resolve that.

> I welcome comments pro/con...This could be the most important discussion in 
> months... Mostly I/We hope to hear from DShield!
> Either we go back to posting what is Important and let DShield benefit and 
> make it worthwhile again, or let it die. I guess that it is up to DShield 
> what they feel is important.

Actually I think it is up to us.

> Scrap and the soap box moves out of the way...

I hope that this has not come across rudely.  I think that you
contribute a lot to this list, I just think that everyone needs to
realize that for the community to exist, the community needs to be
there.  With or without daily reports.<g>

> R/
> Al

BASE Project Lead
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