[Dshield] Is DShield Dead?

Robert Nelson nelsrob at mts.net
Tue Jun 21 01:21:02 GMT 2005

If you connect thru a router, the router may still be connected, especially
if you have the router set to "keep alive" the connection. The router is
what has the IP address assigned by the ISP, and is where the connection is.
The LAN PCs are basically sharing the router's connection.

Around this neck of the woods, there are two big ISPs. One is cable with
static IP addresses, and the connection is "always on." The other is DSL
with dynamic IP addresses, and uses the PPPoE method, so you have to log on
with a username and password.

I have the DSL ISP, and my router will keep the connection going for days at
a time, with the same IP address. Even if the computer is off.

So, it all depends on your router and your ISP.


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on 6/20/2005 2:24 PM Alan Frayer said the following:

| Robert Nelson wrote:
|> You will need to install the logviewer program that should be on
|> your Linksys installation CD.
| I may have even installed it... but, it does require the PC to be
| running when the router sends the log (doesn't it??? Or does the
| logger pull the log?). This may be a problem for many households
| such as my own, where the PCs are powered down when they aren't
| being used. If the logger pulls the logs, and DShield doesn't mind
| intermittent reporting, then I'm happy to oblige!

I thought that most home broadband systems (DSL/cable) were
dial-on-demand, so if the PC is powered down, shouldn't the connection
time-out and disconnect ("due to idle connection") after 5-10 minutes?

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