[Dshield] Dshield is Alive

Paul Marsh pmarsh at nmefdn.org
Tue Jun 21 12:23:27 GMT 2005

Don't mean to be a pain in the butt, but..............

These are different locations, spread out over South Eastern
I'm the only one who'll need access. I should be able to config Kiwi to
submit to my existing account.

The question still remains.  How would you prefer these be set up?  Are
others submitting multiple logs from multiple locations?  Shouldn't we
think about a SOP for doing this?

Again not trying to be a pain, just want to do it right.

Thanx, Paul

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Paul Marsh wrote:
>	I've got six more log's I could add to the list but I need to
know the 
>best way to go about it.  Do I start six new accounts?  Should I run 
>six separate KiWi Sysloggers or just one?  I need a little direction.  
>The potential logs are as follows:
>Adelphia pseudo static IP
>2 Verizon Dynamic IP's
>2 Verizon Static IP's
>Comcast pseudo static IP
If these are different locations, setup new accounts.

If you are the only user that needs access to the logs, and if you have
a way to send them to a common syslog/kiwi daemon, set it up to submit
to your existing account.

>Thanx, Paul

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