[Dshield] Dial on demand (was: Is DShield Dead?)

Keith Bergen dshield.org at keithbergen.com
Tue Jun 21 12:25:58 GMT 2005

"Johannes B. Ullrich" <jullrich at euclidian.com> said:

> > I thought that most home broadband systems (DSL/cable) were
> > dial-on-demand, so if the PC is powered down, shouldn't the connection
> > time-out and disconnect ("due to idle connection") after 5-10 minutes?
> Changes a lot from ISP to ISP. All the home broadband connections I had
> so far (cable modem and DSL) where on 24/7.
> (RoadRunner, @Home, MediaOne, Comcast, AT&T Broadband, Qwest, Covad,
> Speakeasy, Earthlink ...)

It also changes from router to router. For instance, most routers have 
a "Keep Alive" function where the router will actually keep the connection 
open irrespective of the PC.


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