[Dshield] Whats wrong when receiving "Sorry, no data for June 21st 2005"?

Martin Forest martin at forest.gen.nz
Tue Jun 21 20:26:52 GMT 2005

I've been submitting logs for a few weeks and I'm getting confirmations 
such as:
                Authorized Userid: 1234 (1234 is masking my number....)
                           Format: DSHIELD
                         Timezone: +12:00

                    Lines in file: 1383
                   Lines rejected: none
Unique lines written to database: 1357
   identical lines are added up on import.

   rejected lines (up to 10)

Lines written to database (up to 10):
2005-06-21 00:00:07 +12:00 22180673	1	2721	(normally 
my IP)	139	tcp	syn
...(9 more lines)

And when I'm running the Reports Overview, I receive the message "Sorry, 
no data for June 21 2005". And I get the same message for every single 
day that I have been a member! I have emailed dshield and all I get is a 
rude single line response, "you did not submit any reports today" even 
though I sent a copy of the confirmation message above.
Is it me, my setup or dshield that is doing something wrong?
Thankful for any hints!

Best Regards
Martin Forest
Voice over IP sip:638662 at fwd.pulver.com
Skype (another IP phone): forest_martin

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