[Dshield] Is DShield Dead? from the original poster

Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Wed Jun 22 02:59:25 GMT 2005

Thank You Johannes

Sorry for the delay, I too sometimes get burried, however I have for many 
years looked to see what happens "First" at DShield. Then what other lists 
have to say, also some of the Big Boys two days later. So to say the least, 
I was concerned that no one cared anymore. This one email has generated 
more replies and positive feedback than just about any topic in months. It 
has caused many that sat watching, waiting and wondering why I am seeing 
"no activity" to at least say they are still alive. I hope that it helps to 
bring new life back into this security list, that I felt (DShield) was the 
most precise and important.

At 07:42 AM 6/20/2005 -0400, you wrote:

> > As I sit here and look at what has transpired in the DShield list in the
> > 20/30 days I see very little. Ever since it was unofficially announced 
> that
> > DShield went "commercial."
>Could you fill me in on this please? I think I am *running* DShield, and
>had no idea that it went "commercial" ;-)

I presume that what I should have said SANS and that DShield appears to be 
"integrated," so when the discussion about SANS change in status happened 
with no clarifying information. It was real easy to assume a change in 
status of DShield. I and others subtly wondered if DSHield has been rolled 
in the changed status SANS.

So SANS has "no claim" on DShield or ISC, it is only Johannes "empire." 
Other than they and others can benefit from the information.

>Personally, I do make a living working for SANS, and SANS is nice enough
>to allow me to spend a good chunk of my paid time on DShield/ISC. But
>this hasn't happened recently (happened about 4 years ago).
> > There has been very little other than complaints
> > that logging which still does not work (over two months now). We have the
> > Handlers Diary that provides more information about what is happening than
> > what shows up in the list. "Names" I used to see talking here are now
> > talking in other lists.
>Complaints about DShield are on topic for this list. Actually, its kind
>of what the list was originally started for. I made a few attempts in
>the past to split the list into a "security" and a "DShield" list, but
>it hasn't worked in the past.

Yes I have seen those in the past and knew they were part of the function 
of the list. However it was coming down they were becoming the only things 
in the list, and Deb was running interference. It is interesting that those 
that once were talking about the latest things that were happening are very 
quiet here. I see notable names from here posting elsewhere. Either we are 
not seeing it or minds have turned elsewhere for information.

> > Why did DShield decide to not tell "us" that they went commercial, was 
> this
> > an oversight?
>Maybe the other lists you are hanging out on are not all that great ;-)

When a lesser list gets information that is not here, then that tends to 
raise a flag. Either everyone has left, or what is being posted is of no 
consequence. However many of those notices show up in the big guys within 
about two days (after they ask their experts). I found that those that 
posted here were usually "reliable" and if it was here then it "Should be" 
consider a threat and at least noted...

> > Have the "new" duties of Johannes; caused things that used to happen, here
> > not happen?
>Well, I do have other duties aside from taking care of DShield. As such,
>there is of course limited time to attend to various problems. Over the
>last months, I spent most of the time on the road for various reasons,
>so yes, DShield hasn't gotten a lot of attention.
>After all, DShield is NOT COMMERCIAL, but I do have to make a living ;-)

There is nothing wrong with making a living. It sometimes makes things 
unhappy when the caretaker appears to be absent without reason. Having to 
make a living can cause that. It can cause an "appearance" of loss of 

> > Are the Handlers that once used to be "volunteers" being compensated for
> > their efforts?
>Handlers are not compensated for their effort. At this point, each
>handler receives a free (but very cool) handler shirt and a couple of
>Internet Storm Center bumper stickers.

Then they are ahead for the donated time and effort;-) At least they are 
visible publicly, and sometimes quoted in the news. I do know they put out 
a lot of information. I would suggest one new item, the hang inside the 
window signs "We Work to Protect Your Internet!"

> > I fully expect Deb to answer as she seems to be Johannes voice over the
> > last couple of months. Thank You Deb!
>Yes. Thanks Deb! She is great when it comes to draw my attention to high
>priority issues.

It is good that she can get your attention.

>Of course: feel free to post a follow up post of the kind you would like
>to see on this list ;-)
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