[Dshield] Phishing solution (was: Re: Microsoft Security Advisory Notification (902333))

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Wed Jun 22 16:52:47 GMT 2005

ons, 22.06.2005 kl. 17.33 skrev Stephane Grobety:

> And if we never left our caves, we would never have to worry about
> spam either, you know (no matter what kind).
> I don't need HTML email because it's not necessary to my
> communication. But many people use email for "fun" things: staying in
> touch with people they like, chatting over long distances, etc. and
> HTML allow them to communicate better, just the way you might pick a
> nice paper for a letter instead of using plain white paper.
> Also, many enterprise have policies about how company documents should
> look like and what information one must include in all communication
> and how.
> And none of this is possible without HTML email.
> HTML is a nice technology and, honestly, if it wasn't for the many
> technical failures with HTML emails, we would probably all be using it
> anyway.

Hmmm ... I have to agree, Stephane. With the exception that some of the
html writers  obviously use patent (commercial) client software, often
web-based, that really can muck up normal mail clients' rendering of the

You know it yourself, I don't have to tell you:

There are die-hard pine, mutt, elm, emacs, whatever Unix users who have
chosen their own mail agent and spew over the fact that they can't read
html-formatted mail. One of the foremost Postfix developers (not *the
foremost*) is amongst them. I suspect that OP also is.

Personally I use a mail agent (Evolution) that always sends mail in
plain text, but can read most of the shit in html. If OP would only make
the effort to advance from the stone age, he'd have nothing to complain
about. Many of my friend send me mail in html, and I can't very well
batter /them/ all about the head.

Far worse are all the bloody top-posters, no names, no pack drill as my
sergeant once said. Mostly I can't be bothered to read their posts - but
in your case I made an exception ;)


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