[Dshield] While on the subject of Dshield....

Brenden Walker BKWalker at drbsystems.com
Wed Jun 22 18:19:03 GMT 2005

I finally have something to gripe about (my logs submit fine, I get my
daily reports)... 

Dump 'CafePress'...  I just poped over to the 'buy dshield gear', I'd
love to get my dog a t-shirt, but CafePress products are absolute

My g/f is an artist and we tried out a few of CafePress items to see if
they were worth anything, the coffee mugs got permanent coffee stains
after 2 or 3 uses... Chipped really easy.. The t-shirts didn't stand up
to sunlight at all, and the color reproduction is pretty bad.  All in
all you get a $.50 product, for $10.. The only winner is CafePress as
they seem to have convinced the Net in general that they're the only way
to go.

There are other options out there, including doing the legwork

/* rant off */

<hope this doesn't temp the mods into moderating again ;-)

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