[Dshield] While on the subject of Dshield....

TheGesus thegesus at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 18:44:40 GMT 2005

I hate to add to the O.T., but...

I ordered something ONCE from CafePress.  The next day I got an email
that said something was wrong with my order and I should CLICK THIS
LINK and re-enter my credit card details.

Uh, no thanks.

On 6/22/05, Brenden Walker <BKWalker at drbsystems.com> wrote:
> I finally have something to gripe about (my logs submit fine, I get my
> daily reports)...
> Dump 'CafePress'...  I just poped over to the 'buy dshield gear', I'd
> love to get my dog a t-shirt, but CafePress products are absolute
> junk...

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