[Dshield] Phishing solution

Laura Vance vancel at winfreeacademy.com
Wed Jun 22 21:49:48 GMT 2005

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

>Far worse are all the bloody top-posters, no names, no pack drill as my
>sergeant once said. Mostly I can't be bothered to read their posts - but
>in your case I made an exception ;)
Since you have an aversion to top-posting, I'll post on the bottom so 
you'll be sure to read it. ;)  Neither form of posting bothers me, 
because if I want to read a message I do, but I've never been clear on 
why some people are so adamant about starting above or below the message.

I prefer top-posting and reading messages that were top-posted.  This is 
so that I don't have to scroll down to find the content of the email 
that I'm trying to read.  Most of the reasons I've heard in the case for 
bottom posting is that it's more natural to read from the top to the 
bottom.  However, if you're reading a thread as it comes along, you will 
only need to refer to the older messages if you forget a reference or if 
you need to refresh your memory on what someone said.  In this case, the 
old messages are more of a foot-note or a reference item.  The only 
thing that top-posting doesn't help is if someone ignores a thread until 
there have already been several posts to that thread... in which case 
(if people are following netiquette) most of the old, irrelevant to the 
current post, text has been removed anyway.

In all my years on USENET, mailing lists, and other community electronic 
communications, I've found that all that bottom posting does is makes 
people scroll to the bottom before they can start reading.  So... the 
question becomes, why is bottom posting a good thing?

I know these comments won't change the world, and I don't intend that as 
a result.  But it's something that I've seen lamented about on several 
lists and I'm curious what's the big deal?  You say you usually skip 
messages that are top-posted... well, I if I'm going to skip a message 
when time is short, the ones that are bottom posted are the ones that 
get skipped.

I really do want to see a discussion on this, because it seems to have 
been a taboo subject... people have their opinions, but nobody wants to 
discuss it... they just want to fuss at others over it.

Laura Vance
Systems Engineer

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