[Dshield] top posting vs. bottom posting

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Thu Jun 23 16:26:31 GMT 2005

tor, 23.06.2005 kl. 12.56 skrev Johannes B. Ullrich:

> I turned moderation on again for all posters to this thread.

Maybe that was a little hasty?

1: The list profits from a free flow without moderation. You yourself
have seen what a loss of flow of information on the dshield reports
situation can do toward losing you subscribers;
2: trying a simple warning to trolls might be sufficient to stop them,
whilst the rest of the list profits;
3: alternative: Simply unsubscribe trolls without further warning. Write
(or have Deb write :) a list charter and refer to that list;
4: you are penalizing a large number of known, regular, subscribers for
the mistake made by a couple of trolls.

Best, and thanks for a fine list


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