[Dshield] top posting vs. bottom posting

Kenneth Coney superc at visuallink.com
Fri Jun 24 15:53:05 GMT 2005

:)   Good one Frank.

_Security Warning_

This message was sent by telephone wire across a non secured line.  At 
various points in the transmission of this message it has been converted 
to RF Microwave energy, beamed to satellites and bounced back to the 
planet's surface by various telephone companies.  Some of the resulting 
backscatter has therefore escaped into deep space.  This may include 
what was written.  As this message has left the senders control and 
passed through multiple servers over which the sender has no control, 
and as each of those server owners is unknown to the sender, along with 
the intent of the owner's of those devices, the original information 
conceded by the message may have been intercepted, added to, or 
otherwise altered before being retransmitted.  Readers should also be 
aware the message has been copied automatically by multiple servers 
between this originating PC and it's intended end destination PC and no 
human alive knows how many copies now exist, how many will be made and 
stored as backups, or for how long they or replies to this message may 
continue to surface at various hearings and trials.  Readers should be 
aware that all messages from this computer carry this warning and any 
message received without this warning may also have been altered.

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