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Glenn Jarvis gaj at uppergroove.ca
Sun Jun 26 12:38:35 GMT 2005

Re: Cut Off China
Re: Need Suggestions
Re:(Kenneth Coney)(Mike Wydra)

I've also received a few nasty comments for blocking various countries. 
There has been many discussions in the field of my hobby. It has always 
been my opinion that it is your personal choice whether to block a 
country, or various IP blocks of any country. Through newsgroups, I've 
seen discussions going as far as calling it racist for blocking an 
entire country. For those of us on a very limited budget, we have to be 
careful and monitor traffic hitting the server. I 've never blocked an 
entire country from accessing our web server, until May of this year. I 
didn't have a choice at that point. The server was getting hammered by 
pirate sites (which really threw the statistics for a  loop), so I was 
left with no choice but to block the access. All of China, Korea,  and 
Tiawan no longer have access to our server. Even though they may attempt 
to view our products from any download site in the world, they'll 
receive a 403. It wasn't something I really wanted to do, but I wasn't 
receiving any business from that part of the world. ISP's wouldn't  
respond out there in regards to the pirate sites, which I have been told 
is pretty standard practice. When I had the mail server running here 
with me, I remember spending hours blocking IP ranges from these countries.
I know Mike likes to follow the trail, and it actually sounds 
entertaining. However, I just don't have the time to enjoy that activity 
:-) Of course Mike, if I had been given all the relevant information, I 
could have given you a real treat last month :-)

Anyway, I'll crawl back into my cave here and continue to watch the list 
as I learn.


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