[Dshield] Port 6101 Scans

David Taylor ltr at isc.upenn.edu
Sun Jun 26 22:39:25 GMT 2005

Well, there was two exploits released which used port 10000 and I was a
little nervous about port 6101.  I don't know how Veritas works and if the
port 10000 exploit can be used on port 6101 as well but it is obvious
someone is really curious about who has port 6101 opened up.  If it is a
large (or multiple) botnets all of a sudden scanning for port 6101 (which is
currently dwarfing the traffic I see on port 10000) something might be up.
Brace for impact?  Who knows.

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David Taylor wrote:
> SANS is showing a sharp increase.  
> nt=N&days=10
> Is this a worm?  

Ahhh... 6101 is Veritas backup agent (duuhhh!  look at today's diary!).

Jeff (runs and hides)

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