[Dshield] Port 6101 Scans

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sun Jun 26 23:33:37 GMT 2005

David Taylor wrote:

> Well, there was two exploits released which used port 10000 and I was a
> little nervous about port 6101.  I don't know how Veritas works and if the
> port 10000 exploit can be used on port 6101 as well but it is obvious
> someone is really curious about who has port 6101 opened up.  If it is a
> large (or multiple) botnets all of a sudden scanning for port 6101 (which is
> currently dwarfing the traffic I see on port 10000) something might be up.
> Brace for impact?  Who knows.

This software running on Windows servers has a security exploit hole 
that was published recently (SANS).


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