[Dshield] Cut Off China

Bob Poortinga bobp+dshield at webster.tsc.com
Mon Jun 27 17:21:19 GMT 2005

Just a couple of points regarding this issue:

Many mail administrators have been blocking mail from China, Korea,
and other selected APNIC countries for years.  There are published DNS
blacklists one can use to effect this.

As to why abuse complaints are never answered for China hosted
spam sites, one must realize that the fees that these hosting sites
are getting from spammers are enormous.  As to how enormous, a
quick of perusal of <www.blackboxhosting.com> shows "bulletproof" 
dedicated servers advertised for $2999/month.  In addition, arrogance,
greed, and racism are not strictly American traits.  Some Chinese also
exhibit these attitutes in their business dealings.

Bob Poortinga  K9SQL
Bloomington, Indiana  US

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