[Dshield] Kiwi daemon config question

Daniel Cherton dcherton at aei.ca
Tue Jun 28 14:22:49 GMT 2005


Just tried to send to a remote computer and it work well.
Simply use the following line in setup\action\log to file: 

"Unfortunately the box is only able to send syslogs to the 
Or your remote machine is on the Web ?


Chris Wright wrote:

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>>Is it possible to config a Kiwi daemon as a relay?  I'm 
>>trying to over come a limitation on Netgear's FVS318.  
>>Unfortunately the box is only able to send syslogs to the 
>>LAN.  I'd like to configure a daemon to capture the syslogs 
>>and send them to a remote server where I can config and 
>>control sending the logs on one machine rather than 6 
>>different machines.  Other ideas are more than welcome.
>>Thanx, Paul  
>I want to say yes, but as a relative new user of Kiwi I could be wrong.
>You could have Kiwi sat on the machine that the FVS318 is connected to and
>it will pick up the logs.
>You then have the option of dumping the log file (that is eventually
>forwarded via DSHIELD) and you can dump this onto a remote connection.  Or
>you could have a scheduled task of some description that could FTP/transfer
>the file from the local to remote server.
>But perhaps the simplest is to have Kiwi running on the remote server where
>you want to do all the sending etc, and have the local Kiwi forward the
>events on.  (This might be a feature of the registered version, and not the
>free one, but its there in the options). (You have the option of specifying
>a remote IP to forward the events onto, via UDP/TCP/KRDP, and a few other
>So, I would say it can be done.
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