[Dshield] Kiwi daemon config question

Chris Wright dshield at yaps4u.net
Tue Jun 28 15:28:03 GMT 2005


I've just set my main logging machine to forward Kiwi events to two other
PC's on my network and it worked a treat.  (There is an option to retain the
source address of the event which is the only option you have to set), apart
from that, it takes seconds to set up .



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> I think the problem is I'm running the freeware version, 
> below is a snippet from help.  I don't have the below option 
> :(  Can someone with a licensed version please verify.
> Thanx, Paul
> "This will forward the received message to another Syslog 
> host using the UDP or TCP syslog protocol."
> Destination IP address or hostname 
> This is where you specify the remote host IP address or 
> hostname to forward the messages to. 
> You can send messages to multiple hosts by separating each 
> hostname or IP address with a comma. 
> For example: Myhost.com, SecondHost.net, 
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