[Dshield] Blocking Offending Countries

bo@nordgren.net bo at nordgren.net
Tue Jun 28 06:32:34 GMT 2005

> If after looking at the plan, you think I'm an idiot - please feel free 
> to say so, I've got a thick skin. I would also welcome suggestions for 
> improving the plan (when it comes out). More to come - but for now, 
> would someone please explain to me "how blocking China IP's would also 
> block Canada? I truly don't understand the following piece of a post:
> Hmm, if we applied that logic, traffic from the US would be cut off
>> from entering Canada. The two countries who target Canadian IPs
>> on a regular basis are China and the US.

The logic is naturaly flawed since these solutions are not going after the 
guilty partys and the whole thing will only block them untill they move 
on and they tend to be very prone to do that.

I agree completely that working with blocking tactics would for the rest 
of the world be to cut off the US since that is the source and target for 
more thatn 90% of spam.

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