[Dshield] Blocking Offending Countries

Meidinger Chris chris.meidinger at badenit.de
Tue Jun 28 17:27:46 GMT 2005

Hi Mike,

if we are now playing the deep game of international relations, don't you
think that

> new-born babies bottom.  By that I mean that there can be NO 
> derogatory comments made about any country. If we do that, 
> the press will have EVERY right to say that we are a racist 
> organization. We need the press on our side, and we can't 
> give the opposition any ammunition.

the archive of that paragraph on lots of sites could be construed to imply
that dshield has been a 'racist organization' in the past?

Lets just stay ourselves, and we'll be golden.

Lots of love from Erfurt, Germany - presently on site in the old East Block,

Chris "the errant moderator" Meidinger

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