[Dshield] Wireless broadcasts

Aaron Lewis aaron at adldatacomm.net
Tue Jun 28 18:19:27 GMT 2005

Should be using WPA or WPA2 with AES encryption. Not quite as good as a
remote auth system such as RADIUS but WPA can also be used with PSK on most
systems. The key is encrypted and can be set to regenerate at random
intervals. PEAP is also an excellent choice.

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> Another (few) dumb wireless question(s).
> Is it normal behavior for a WAP setup for encryption to send broadcast
> traffic unencrypted?  It makes sense to me that a key
> exchange needs to
> occur before encrypted traffic between to devices begins, but
> I was suprised
> (alarmed) when I setup a makeshift wireless sensor that
> broadcasts showed up
> plain text even though I hadn't "connected" to the WAP.
> Thank you,
> Andrew
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