[Dshield] Cut Off China

jayjwa jayjwa at atr2.ath.cx
Wed Jun 29 02:09:33 GMT 2005

-> > I totally agree with jayjwa and Ken Coney concerning the blocking of junk
-> > traffic from China, and other Countries that don't play by the rules. In
-> > fact
-> > - I'd go so far as to block ALL traffic from these Countries. I'll
-> > explain,
-> > but first - a little about myself so you know where I'm coming from.

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, Kenneth Coney wrote:

-> Hmm, if we appled that logic, traffic from the US would be cut off
-> from entering Canada. The two countries who target Canadian IPs
-> on a regular basis are China and the US. 
-> :)

First, I think that a minor but important point was overlook here, in that 
I didn't ban China based soley on the numbers of spam/incidents that I 
received from them. The major determining factor was their response to 
reports about trouble. Quite simply, there was none. They never responded. 
It's very differicult to stop a spammer or attacker when not only are they 
in another country thousands of miles away, but also that country is doing 
zero to help you; they're not even reading the abuse reports sent, and 
that's IF the info for point of contact was correct in the first place 
(which, many times it was not). Had they replied back and said, Yeah, we 
got that guy, or even a simple 'The situation was resolved', then I'd at 
least know my efforts weren't in vain. I report ALL the scams and spams I 
get, and it takes a decent amount of time to write an accurate report, 
even with the two form letters I use now (one for spamming, one for 
eBay/Paypal scams). It's very fustrating to prepare such a report and send 
it out, only to see it bounce or to never again here from the ISP.

Second, I dispute that the US ranks as high as it supposedly does in 
incidents of attacks/spam. I can't remember the last time I got a spam 
from AOL, Comcast, or Road Runner. Not to say that it never happens, but I 
belive it happens in proportion to the amount of computer systems that 
there are in the US at any given time. If a fair view is to be taken, it 
should be a percentage, such as what percent of a country's total user 
base is spamming or causing other problems. Or, by traffic, which I look 
at alot: what percent of a country's traffic to your machine is 
undesirable? Of course the US has more spammers: likely it has more 
computer systems.

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