[Dshield] Cisco certification

Richard Golodner RGolodner at Aetea.com
Wed Jun 29 04:25:26 GMT 2005

	Andrew Wiley asked: "Is IPX routing still on the CCNA exam? Has been
years since I've been in a
Novell shop and I'm wondering if I should invest the effort to learn what
Cisco wants of me.  Again, I'm sorry for the OT, hopefully the question will
be accepted since this small-t may someday lead to courses/certs that
relate to network security. =)"

Cisco is pretty tight with their non-disclosure stuff. It would be a breach
if someone who actually knew shared that information with you. If you think
you need to know it, study it. It requires very little to learn anything.
					Richard Golodner, studying my &%$
off right now!

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