[Dshield] Cisco certification

Stef stefmit at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 19:41:05 GMT 2005

I hate to come back on this, but the advice is not good. I never
worked with Cisco before (I am a Nortel guy), but I am very strong in
TCP/IP and networking theory (proven by my previously earned SANS
various certs), and I played just for a few days with the commands
from http://www.bookpool.com/sm/1587131595. I was at Networkers 2005
in Vegas, last week, and tried the CCNA as a "let's see what this is
all about", 'cause it was offerred for free, and passed it just fine.
Here is my advice:

Do NOT waste time on IPX at all, and DO take the single exam (the
probability of getting bogged down in details in two different ones is
much higher). Concentrate on the important theoretical networking
concepts and mechanisms, which you should know, anyway, in real life,
and learn all commands and scenarios from
http://www.bookpool.com/sm/1587131595, on 2950s exclusively (for
switches - do NOT waste time on 2900 or 1900s), and the routers ones.
Enter the exam as if you already took it, and you'll be OK - in the
end you'll see that compared to some other certs, CCNA is trivial.

My $0.02

On 6/29/05, Sue Young <smy at gcmlp.com> wrote:
> There is a little bit on ipx so you still have to study it.  I retook the exam in April so this is current info.
> Take the 2 exam option unless you're doing router work all the time.  I'm not the main Cisco person at work any more and I failed it.
> I don't really care since I need a CISSP more.
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> This question is mildly off-topic (and likely to garner sneering from those
> light years ahead), but ...
> Is IPX routing still on the CCNA exam? Has been years since I've been in a
> Novell shop and I'm wondering if I should invest the effort to learn what
> Cisco wants of me.  Again, I'm sorry for the OT, hopefully the question will
> be accepted since this small-cert may someday lead to courses/certs that
> relate to network security. =)
> Thank you,
> Andrew

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