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Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Thu Jun 30 15:38:09 GMT 2005

tor, 30.06.2005 kl. 13.26 skrev Commerco WebMaster:


> Keep in mind that the folks I was responsible for teaching 
> represented the best of the best from their country, so I could 
> certainly understand how they were concerned for not bringing shame 
> on themselves, the rest of the group or me.  These were good and 
> honorable group of people whom I had the privilege to teach and learn from.
> I don't know if the seemingly general lack of communication by ISPs 
> in China is a cultural thing, but closing communications to an entire 
> country or section of the world for business seems an over the top 
> extreme response.
> My simple minded thinking as regards the subject of this message:
> Block China (or any nation)?  Probably a very bad idea if you want to 
> engage in international business and possibly not so good if you want 
> to get to a site that might have made your hardware to get driver 
> updates or find lost documentation or some other resource in the 
> nation you might have blocked.

I agree entirely and practice that advice. However, bear in mind that
there is a huge gulf between the nomenclature in China and the students
to whom you gave your lecture. The state appoints to public positions
those who echo the official philosophy: fascism. It's highly surmisable
that many Chinese ISPs' policy reflects the fascism of the state. Proof
of that, would be that it's not possible for a non-nomenclature Chinese
to get normal Internet access (he can't Google, he can't get access, for
example, to the BBC's website, he may not have access to non-state
approved information), plus that many spam/bot farms are run by
spam/bot-farm friendly ISPs - as long as the money pours in.

Relevant to your point is, that blocking any country is not a sensible
option. The country in which I live, the Netherlands, spews spam from at
least one source (often through bots and proxies in other countries -
the origin's in the Netherlands, but the final source is an other
country - but there are many instances, ISPs, organizations and
individuals from whom one's users might want to receive email. The same
with most other countries. It's worth the trouble involved to sort out
the wheat from the chaff.


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