[Dshield] Cut Off China

Bo Nordgren bo at nordgren.net
Thu Jun 30 19:21:59 GMT 2005

> Writing from my dynamic connection.  :)
> No, that doesn't evade the block at all.   A dynamic connection will be
> somewhere in the range blocked.  Just entering block (for instance)
> [58.35. and nothing else blocks a whole bunch of mail from, in this
> instance, Israel (I think).   (Dunno which country, really doesn't
> matter, all that matters is spam came from their and it didn't originate
> from within my country, and I do no foreign business.)  All of you
> complaining about blocking have one thing in common.  None of you have
> offered a home user any other FREE method of totally stopping spam that
> does not include turning control over to someone else.  Writing filters
> is free (minus the time).  Control remains with the user.  Business
> considerations such as VPNs and Nets that span oceans are not applicable
> to a home PC.  Many readers and users of Dshield are home users.  IP
> spam blocking works for home users and nothing else you have suggested
> stops the spam cold.

Then I have to ask you what solution you are refering to for home users that 
completely stops SPAM. As far as my experience goes there have to be spam 
comming in before I block them and since I filter upon reception my filter 
get the job of teergrubbing them direcly. Blocking things off completely is 
not an issue since some spam gets routed thru legitimate relays.

The reason that home users should get outside help to stop spam is the lack 
of volume to build good filters from.

// Bo 

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